Job Fair JobChallenge

When is the job fair held?

The next fair will be held on 19 November 2020.

Where is the Job Fair held?

Tržnice Brno, Zelný trh

For whom is the job fair?

It is designed for students and graduates who want to develop their skills and make contact with top employers.

Is there any entrance fee?

JobChallenge job fair is for FREE for students and graduates. Register in advance and benefit from many advantages.

JobChallenge Job Fair in the year 2019

2700+ Visitors
130+ Exhibitors
10 Talk shows
15 Fields


"I was leaving the JobChallenge happy and in a very  good mood. I learnt how to write a CV and how to present myself at the interview. Plus, I liked the brochure with information about exhibitors."

Karolína Šimková
Faculty of Education MU

“I am always very excited about  the JobChallenge job fair and I ´ve already  been there 4 times. There's a nice atmosphere and there are visitors who are interested in learning more. Although we do not offer a large number of promotional materials that we would be giving to people, they are still very interested in us.”

Alice Hrubá
Air Bank a.s.

“Few hundreds of students have visited us. We found few very interesting candidates. There were  so many visitors in the morning we almost couldn´t keep up. It was, I believe, a great event, very well organised by people who know what to do.”

Magdalena Večerková
Amazon Logistic Prague s.r.o.


JobChallenge job fair is held by three biggest Brno universities  – Masaryk University, Mendel University in Brno and Brno University of Technology. It is organised by career and counselling centres of these universities.

Counselling Centre of Brno University of Technology

Counselling centre of Brno University of Technology prepares students for entering the job market. Students can participate in many interactive courses oriented on practising employment related skills, or on practising a job interview. They can also attend individual career consultations. Counselling centre helps students who find themselves at a difficult study or life situation. It also supports students with specific study demands.


Counselling Centre of Mendel University in Brno

Counselling centre is a part of Lifelong Learning Institute of Mendel University in Brno. Its services are available for university applicants, students, graduates, employees, and public. It offers individual and group counselling, special education, and career counselling. Thanks to individual and group counselling, clients can overcome personal, family, partner, and study issues. It is also possible to focus only on career counselling.


Masaryk University Career Centre

Masaryk University Career Centre is an official recruitment-consulting agency of Masaryk University that connects employers with students and fresh graduates of Masaryk University. For students, it provides individual counselling, educational seminars, workshops and events, which help them with preparation for entering the labour market and with overcoming their current problems and challenges. It offers various recruitment services to employers – employer’s brand building at the university, acquiring new student contacts by holding events with representatives of companies, targeted job advertisement, and searching for candidates through our career network JobCheckIN.