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We believe that the future belongs to those who drive innovation, inspire transformation and fuel collaboration. This is why Modis combines the key technologies of IT, engineering and life sciences, in order to develop (interdisciplinary) solutions for the future together with our customers. We connect companies with the sharpest minds: IT enablers, innovative engineers and life sciences experts. All of them united by their burning passion to use their talents to conquer the extremely challenging tasks of today and tomorrow.

Modis. Global leader in professional solutions for IT, engineering and life sciences.


  • Project variety
  • Operational health management
  • Staff events
  • Permanent position from starting
  • Regional work


  • Graduation in the field of engineering
  • Interest in resolving of technical issues
  • Motivation to learn German

Přijímací proces

If you would like to apply for a job in our company, please use the career portal

After your registration the application will be reviewed by the relevant branch.

Doprovodné informace

Modis Germany

  • 55 Branches
  • More than 3.500 employees
  • 50 years of experience
  • 2.000 customers

We pool our skills and experiences in the key technologies of IT, engineering and life sciences to improve our ability to lead our customers into a successful future.

We have an excellent network of the cleverest brains for extremely challenging projects.

Together with our customers, we develop pioneering solutions – be it for a start-up, a small or medium-sized company or an international group of companies.

We combine strategic solutions expertise with operational excellence.

Using bespoke solutions and services, we will set the course for your future commercial success: outsourcing, service contract solutions, interim and freelance workers, recruitment, supply of temporary workers.

Pozice pro absolventy

  • Electrical Designer (m/f)
  • PLC Programmer (m/f)
  • Software Developer (m/f)


  • Design Engineer/ Mechanical Engineer (m/f)
  • Precision Engineer (m/f)
  • Technical Draftsman (m/f)
  • Laser- and Optotechnologist (m/f)
  • Optical Designer (m/f)


  • Plant Engineer (m/f)
  • Quality Engineer (m/f)
  • Engineer (m/f) in the field of Measurement and Control Technology
  • Projectmanager (m/f) Power Plant Construction


Nabízené programy

You wouldn´t want a lengthy entry program? Then we are offering you our 5 weeks trainee program, called Modis "CAMPUS". 

Further information: Campus-program