Turing Technology s.r.o.


O nás

Turing Technology is a young Czech startup focused on developing professional software for the FinTech world’s needs. Our main clients are financial institutions, brokers, exchanges and funds. We work at the cutting edge of modern technologies and deal with things few people in the Czech Republic can do. Our projects include systems using artificial intelligence, natural language processing, algorithmization and much more. We develop trading platforms, whether it’s auctions, commodities, cryptocurrencies trading or Forex.


Although all this sounds very serious, we have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the office. Together with the team we have common breakfasts from Rohlik.cz, regular corporate events and team buildings. Our CEO is an extremely nice guy whom you can tell all the worries you have on mind and he will try to solve them. In the office you will find a full fridge and a drink bar, so you will never feel hungry. 


Until recently, there were 20 of us, but we are growing and developing, so we need more clever heads for the team to help us become market leaders. So let’s do it together!


  • Friendly and open-minded atmosphere
  • Company events and trips
  • Contribution to sport activities
  • Sick days
  • Office in the center of Brno
  • Drink bar 24/7
  • High quality coffee
  • Work on interesting projects


- precision
- passion for coding and learning new things
- be independent
- creativity
- be just a little bit crazy and yourself
- follow clean code principles and good programming conventions

Přijímací proces

When you first come to us, we want to get to know you a little, not just in terms of work but also as a person. And then the easiest way is to share your Git account with us so we can check your previous work but it's not mandatory. We can find another way for you to show us what you`re working on. 


Doprovodné informace

We are looking for people who can architect, code, manage, sell and market the products modern financial world needs. If you are interested in working in Turing Technology and think there’s something you can offer, whether it’s a clean code, a sense of detail or precision, please get in touch or send your CV. 

Pozice pro absolventy

- Software QA testers
- front-end developers (JavaScript, React, React Native,..)
- back-end developers (Go, C#, Full Stack,..)

Nabízené programy

No matter if you are studying or just looking for a change, we welcome everyone with passion to be a part of research and development. Our team consists of students, fellows and workers.