JobChallenge is back - this time in the centre of Brno

The current offer on the job market, interesting contacts, development workshops, career consultations with experts and much more - this is JobChallenge.

10. 10. 2022

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Already on 10 November, in the morning hours, the doors of the Dům umění města Brna (House of Arts) will open to all students and graduates who will have the opportunity to map their career options, make contacts, arrange an internship or research or meet potential employers. Nearly sixty companies from various sectors of the job market look forward to meeting you. The entire job fair is free!

The JobChallenge job fair is organised by Masaryk University, Mendel University in Brno and Brno University of Technology. "In order to keep everyone nearby, we decided to organise the fair in the very centre of Brno - in the House of Arts. We believe that in the current situation in the labour market it is not too difficult to find a job, but it is an art to find a job that will develop you, and most of all, one that you will enjoy. That is exactly what we want to help those who come to the fair with." says Silvie Otáhalová, the JobChallenge fair coordinator.

Free registration to the JobChallenge fair:
(Instructions are in Czech only for now. We are working on the translation)

You may meet companies from the following sectors:

- Information Technology;
- Technology
- Engineering
- Pharmacy
- Chemistry
- Construction
- Woodworking and Furniture
- Administration
- Marketing
- HR - Human Resources
- Services and client service
- Economics and corporate finance
- Business
- Law
- (open positions)

Do you want to know what companies you can meet at the fair? Click here:

Moreover, all visitors can take advantage of free consultations in the form of career and CV consultations so that visitors can immediately impress their potential future colleagues. There will also be workshops directly from companies, and competitions with valuable prizes.

"Everything is accelerating, and this is also reflected in the job market. Covid has shown us new ways of working that many of us previously thought were unrealistic. Home office or the emphasis on work-life balance have become topics that resonate and have gradually found their way into corporate benefits. We worked with this idea when we came up with this year's JobChallenge communication campaign. We want to awaken the career dreams of JobChallenge visitors and show them that they don't have to just dream about it. I see this as the main benefit of the JobChallenge fair. Several dozens of exhibitors (companies) in just one place give the opportunity to choose, compare and get to know different company cultures. I think it broadens the optics with which we look at our career options," says David Košatka, Marketing Manager.

The fact that the fair sold out in less than a week is a testament to the fact that companies are looking forward to the visitors. In addition to the companies that are the solid core of the fair, this year visitors can look forward to seeing completely new faces and therefore corporate cultures. And as we already mentioned the entire fair is free for students and graduates! 

We are currently working on the English version of the site, thank you for your understanding.

Up-to-date information is available on our Facebook event:

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